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New Album 2015 - Mp3 Download

The Red Day Album

Wow! A totally unreleased album from those Louisiana darlings that released the much vaulted and ultra-rare 45 in early 1967 on the TAMM label. This 1967 album was recorded around the time Sgt. Peppers' Lonely Hearts Club Band was released and its influence on this Pop/Psych classic is quite evident. Presented in a beautiful 4 page digi-pak.

The Red Day Album Tracklist

0 (Intro) I'm Here
1 Red Day
2 Have You Been To The Light
3 Common Attitude
4 Hope
5 No One's Been Here For Weeks
6 Walk Out With Your Heart
7 Champion
8 I'm Here Right Here
9 I'll Join The Army
10 Merlin
11 Breathe (Let The Fresh Air In)
12 Alexander Graham Bell
13 Concord World
14 Marigold
15 Send Me Your Picture
16 (Outro) Dream Me Up Snotty

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February, 2014